RWA Advertising in Jaipur, RWA Advertising in Jaipur

RWA Branding Ads

In marketing, there is proverb that people buy brands not product. And this is why brand name should come into mind of customer when he/she buys products. For that purpose, we need to create brand image in targeted customer’s mind. It means make the brand name printed in mind of possible customers. RWA gate advertisement (colony board hoarding) is very helpful marketing tool to create brand image. This marketing tool comes cheaper than highly expensive display hoardings but equally effective. This tool allows companies to create brand image not only among people living in that particular colony but also target those people who are passing by. Bigger brand image helps to increase sales volume and hence leads to higher profit margin.

Why RWA allows colony board hoarding?

With increasing awareness of cleanliness and security concern, expenditure of RWA has increases significantly. To provide security and cleanliness they need fund which they collected from residents but all residents are not capable of paying monthly maintenance fees and RWA can’t increase fees instantly. Here RWA gate advertising comes to rescue as companies pay RWA to get hoarding on colony’s gate. This way, this advertisement tool is also helpful to safety of residents, clean parks and other maintenances.

USP of RWA advertising

  • Cost effective
  • Maximum visibility
  • Continuous exposure to possible customers
  • Helpful to create bigger brand image
  • Increase customer base

Which companies should go for RWA advertisement?

Those companies working in FMCG, education and healthcare sectors should opt this marketing strategy because in these sectors competition is very high and brand image helps a lot to sell their products and services.